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Ice-Damming In Residential Or Industrial Buildings Causing Water Deterioration And Quality Of Air Issues

Ice damming is a serious problem faced by dwelling and commercial property owners in most regions where snow and ice can be expected. Packed snow and ice blocking the flow of water off of a roof can cause serious harm to the interior of a structure particularly could be the roofing is older. Water can freeze on the edge of the roof or in the gutters forming a barrier which the melting water can't over come. This contributes to hydraulic pressure on the roof.

The ice melting and refreezing can lead to the lifting of their shingles and water becoming directly on the pitch paper or even leaking into the decking as well as affecting the outside walls below the areas where damming have happened. The problem can trigger hidden water damage and mold amplification particularly if the exterior isn't inspected during the ice event. Many time that the damage on the inner is available due to this careful inspection of the exterior where ice is forming on the soffit, fascia or siding. When the ice has already melted the damage will probably soon be harder to discover especially when the water did not drain out onto the floor, trim or the other noticeable part of your house.

The melting process might be slow and take several days or it could be an immediate melt. The fungus may germinate and amplify from the walls or onto affected material if it's wet longer than the germination time for the bacterial spores in the wall pit or onto the affected material. If the damage is extensive and severe the humidity level in the entire home may be increased leading to fungal amplification on a number of the surfaces within the house. The home or commercial property may have previously had a groundwater problem or even a plumbing leak which can compound the humidity issue. Thermal imaging technology may help identify the leaks while they are still wet. In the event the area dries a visual review for fungal amplification and swelling due to water damage and mold should be performed. If mold or damage to the materials is found along with intrusive investigation with the removal of unsalvageable materials could be indicated. A containment zone and hepa-filtered equipment should be used during the removal process to suppress the dust and also prevent spreading mold spores and structure debris out of the containment location.

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